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Logo and 3D render design for the “YR Properties” company.

Montwain Brown

About the Designer: Montwain Brown

Graphic & Web Designer with Art Directing skills. BA HONS & HND in Communication Design. Montwain has Art Directed various photography shoots, both in studio & on location, abroad & locally for his former employees; the Grattan, Freemans, and La Redoute mail order brands. Upon graduating and entering the graphic design field, Montwain developed into a methodical, conceptual & innovative creative. After working & gaining experience within the direct mail, advertising, publishing, charitable and promotional areas of the industry, Montwains design services became known to a few local businesses, he then quickly became a very in demand creative. Montwain states: "I have a passion for ensuring that the photos & designs I direct are not only just thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing but also practical & functional, from researching the best angles, compositions and locations to experimenting and combining the photography with my design creativity to produce dynamic solutions time and time again. Design wise i enjoy creating logos and compositions that visually communicate the purpose and selling points of a brand or venture". For more information on Montwain, please send him a email to or add, follow or message him via the links below.

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